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Agreement for Membership Rules of

Holly Bark Bio-Tech Company Limited

"Holly Bark Membership Card Service" (hereinafter referred to as"Service") is an exclusive service provided by Holly Bark Bio-TechCompany Limited and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as "Holly Bark")to a group of Holly Bark membership card holders. This agreement issigned by you and Holly Bark. This agreement has contractual effect and youshould read and follow this agreement. Please read carefully each clause andunderstand fully the contents.

1. Statement and acknowledgement

(1)You confirm that before you purchase the Holly Barkmembership card and register as a Holly Bark member, you have fully read,understood and accepted the entire contents of this agreement. Once you use theService, it means that you agree to legally be bound to all statuaries in thisagreement (including this agreement and various procedural rules posted or tobe posted on the Holly Bark website/APP /WeChat officialaccount).

(2)You agree that, in response to the changes of thenation’s laws and regulations and Holly Bark’s own operational needs, HollyBark has the right to amend this Agreement at any time and promulgate theamendment by posting the changes on Holly Bark website/APP /WeChat officialaccount (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Website"). Thereafter,the original clauses will be replaced without further notice. You can read thelatest agreement at any time on the Website. If you continue to use the serviceafter the promulgation, it indicates that you have fully read, understood andaccepted the amendment and will use the Service accordingly.

(3)You state that you are an independent entity capableof using the Service of this Agreement. Once the Service is used, you havepromised and guaranteed to Holly Bark that you are eligible of using theService. If not, you should immediately terminate the registration or stopusing the service.

2. Various membership cards and their respectiveprivileges:

Various Holly Bark membership cards are granted, including ordinary, silver,gold and diamond cards. Their respective privileges are as follows:

Card type

Processing conditions


Ordinary   card

Register an   account

5% off on   all products

Silver Card

Gain accumulated 100 reward points*

( consumption accumulated over 1,000 RMB )

10% off on   all products

Gold Card

Gain   accumulated 1,000 reward points

(consumption   accumulated over 10,000 RMB)

20% off on   all products

Diamond   card

Gain   accumulated 2,000 reward points

(consumption   accumulated over 20,000 RMB),

or deposit 10,000   RMB advance payment

30% off on   all products

* Each reward point canbe earned on every 10 RMB spent.

3. Rules for using Holly Bark membership card

(1) Account registration

1. You shall fill in true and accurate personalinformation by following the instructions on the service registration form and provideupdated, real, accurate and complete information in time on the registeredaccount. Otherwise, Holly Bark has the right to suspend or terminate part orall of the services in case of a reasonable doubt on the accuracy andcompleteness of the provided info. You shall shoulder the consequences and anydirect or indirect costs incurred thereafter by yourself after the suspension.

2. You shall shoulder full responsibilities onmanaging your Holly Bark membership card account. This Holly Bark membershipaccount is limited to your own use and no title transfer is allowed. You agreethat if you lose all or part of your civil rights or capability for civilconduct, Holly Bark has the right to freely handle your Holly Bark membershipcard account in accordance with valid legal documents (including but notlimited to effective court decisions, effective wills, etc.).

(2) Account security

1. You shall keep secrecy on your account number andpassword and shall not disclose those info to anyone else in order to preventothers from using your account. You shall not use other’s account and passwordeither. Any losses incurred from the violations will be shouldered by yourself.In the event that you allow others to access your account in any forms,including by sharing with them your account info and password, you shallshoulder all consequences thereafter and Holly Bark has no obligations of identityverification.   

2. You shall immediately alert Holly Bark in aneffective way and request a suspension of all Holly Bark’s services, in case youfind an unauthorized access to your account or your account might be exposed toimminent or potential risks. In the meantime, you acknowledge that it will takesome reasonable time for Holly Bark to act on your request and Holly Bark mayhave already taken some actions against your account to stop the lossesincurred or to be incurred even before your acknowledgement or the requesttakes effect. Holly Bark shall not be responsible for such aforementionedlosses.

(3)Terms of Service

1. Holly Bark will award you with points in accordancewith the stipulations in this Membership Rules and the terms in otheractivities. The reward points have no cash value and cannot be used to exchangefor cash in any forms.

2. Points are awarded by Holly Bark to you as you are HollyBark’s member. Holly Bark has the right to unilaterally adjust the rules of rewardpoints without prior consent.

3. In case the acquisition and(or) use of your awardpoints are involved in a fraud, abuse, or any other conducts that are deemedinappropriate by Holly Bark, Holly Bark can cancel, limit or terminate the useof your award points at any time.

4. You agree that Holly Bark can send promotionalinformation, offers, etc. to you or your account through this Website.

4. Terms of Personal Data

(1) Collection and use of personal data

In order to inform our target customers about our services and activities,you understand and agree that Holly Bark can send relevant information to youthrough the email address, phone number or social media account you provide.You confirm that the information you filled in is correct and accurate. In caseHolly Bark cannot provide you with complete services due to the inaccuracy ofpersonal data you provided, Holly Bark has the right to suspend or terminate youraccount without prior notice and you will be rejected from accessing part orall services.

(2) Information storage and security

HollyBark uses its existing technology to provide security measures to protect personaldata held by Holly Bark and ensure that the data will not get lost, leaked ordamaged. Those security measures include local backup, remote disaster recoveryand encryption of sensitive data. Despite of these endeavors, the security of thoseinformation cannot be absolutely guaranteed by Holly Bark.

5. System failure

If the system encounters a system failure due to the following conditions andyou are not able to access the services, Holly Bark will neither be liable norcompensate for the damages and losses arising therefrom. The conditions includebut are not limited to:

(1) The system is undergoing a maintenance announced onthe Website.

(2) The telecommunication equipment fails and datatransmission cannot work.

(3) The system is down due to force majeure, including typhoon,earthquake, tsunami, flood, power outage, war and terrorist attack.

(4) The services are disrupted or delayed due to hackerattacks, technical adjustments or problems of the telecommunications sector, websiteupgrades, banking issues.,etc.

6. Intellectual property rights protection and confidentiality obligations

(1) Except for a third party’s right protected by the law,the intellectual property rights (including but not limited to trademark,patent copyright, business secrets, etc.) of all contents on the Website and HollyBark membership cards, including but not limited to works, pictures, files,information, data, the structure of this website and picture layouts are legallyowned by Holly Bark or Holy Bark Group and its subsidiaries.

(2) One shall not store, use, modify, copy, transmit,distribute, publicly distribute, print, issue, publish, or in any form unlawfullyuse the programs or content of the Website without prior written consent of HollyBark or Holly Bark Group and its subsidiaries. The Website may also containdata or contents owned by a third party. If you store, download, use, modify,copy, transmit, spread, publicly distribute, print, issue, publish or in anyforms use relevant data without the prior consent of the holders of the aforementionedrights, you may infringe the rights and violate the law. You are responsiblefor checking yourself whether or not such a use may infringe the aforementionedintellectual property rights.

(3) In view of the nature of the Internet, for anypersonal data or other data transmitted through the Website, Holly Bark can onlytake appropriate measures to secure the confidentiality of the data inaccordance with its current and usual practices which meet the requirements of existinglaws. It is impossible and unnecessary for Holy Bark to guarantee the absolutesecurity and confidentiality of the aforementioned data and information.

7. Law Application and Jurisdiction

(1) The agreement is signed in Zhuhai City, GuangdongProvince.

(2) The validity, interpretation, modification,execution and dispute resolution of this agreement are all subject to the lawsof the People's Republic of China. If there are no applicable laws, generalinternational business practices and/or industrial practices shall apply.

(3) Disputes arising from this Agreement shall be resolvedin accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China and resort to thecourts within the jurisdiction where the agreement is signed.

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